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A world in balance

We encourage change by raising awareness to the issue of pollution and the possibilities of clean, renewable energy

Nobel Sustainability Trust

The members of the Nobel family, founders of the Nobel Sustainability Trust (NST), have been observing the devastation of the world’s vital, natural and non-renewable resources with great concern. This over-consumption has led to an increase in global temperatures and pollution of land, food, water, and air. The founders believe that the economic and social health of civilization will, to a large extent, depend on the availability of renewable energy and a sustainable approach provided in agriculture, forestry, industrial manufacturing, and water reclamation. This will require substantial intellectual and financial efforts. It is the aim of the NST to assist with this process.

The mission of the NST is to promote a sustainable economic growth that preserves and ultimately enhances the living systems on the planet, create opportunities for people, and harness human ingenuity in support for a prosperous common future. By participating in and supporting NST programs and activities, we encourage people to take a stand for our future as a species on a life-sustaining planet.

It is our mission that nothing is more important than this and, as a result, we want to sustain human life on this planet through efforts in the following areas:

  1. Reduction of climate change with emphasis on global warming through the promotion of advancement in sustainable production and consumption with emphasis on non-polluting and renewable technologies.

  2. Acceleration in the transition to sustainable societies through the promotion of initiatives that increase prosperity, improve governance, and enhance transparency.

  3. The creation of a pollution-free and life-sustaining environment for all, within the limits of the planet’s carrying capacity.

In pursuit of these goals, the NST is instituting a Sustainability Conference which includes the bestowal of two Sustainability Awards in technology and implementation as well as two scholarships in the same field.

The purpose of the Nobel Sustainability Trust Awards is to recognize individuals for their outstanding contribution to sustainability and a commitment to ensuring that the need of the present is met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Sustainability Conference

We organize international conference with a focus on alternative, renewable, and sustainable energy, as well as ways to combat pollution and global warming. Participants will be invited from major suppliers and consumers of such energy alongside scientists, corporate leaders, politicians, and legislators.

The objective is to look into the future and to present hands-on solutions for global sustainability. Top keynote speakers will be engaged, accompanied by panel debates and workshops. The conference is planned to be held annually or bi-annually and will take place around the world.

Creating a clean, biodiverse,
life-sustaining environment for all

Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation
Bergen Summit 2021

In November 2021 NST successfully held the summit in Bergen, Norway. Professors from world famous universities and entrepreneurs from France, Sweden, Norway, England, China, Japan, Switzerland joined panel discussions together and discussed the future of sustainability, renewable energy and development VS enviroment.  


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