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Outstanding Contribution in Sustainability Award supported by Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation

21st February 2023 Stockholm, Sweden. Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation (NSTF) announces the awardees of ``The Sustainability Award- Outstanding Contribution in Sustainability for year 2022.

Awardee Mr. Xie Zhenhua, who is the Special Envoy for Climate Change, Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China. The award is based on Mr. Xie’s tremendous contribution regarding world climate changes as well as building global cooperations in sustainable development. Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation also awarded the medals of Outstanding Contribution in Sustainability to Dr. Bruno Wu, Chairman and CEO of Sun Seven Stars Investment Group of China, and Mr. Collin O’Mara, CEO of National Wildlife Federation of America for their great efforts and contributions on climate changes for many years.

The founder and board directors of the Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation have been observing the devastation of the world’s vital, natural, and non-renewable resources with great concern. The NSTF issues the award and medals for the first time in 2022 since its inception to cite and commemorate the recipients’ outstanding contribution in sustainability.

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