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CBDCCO Inauguration Event November 2023

Uppdaterat: 13 nov. 2023

MUNICH, Nov. 9, 2023 — A meeting sponsored by the Nobel Sustainability Trust today launched the Central Bank Digital Currency Collaboration Organization (CBDCCO), under the chairmanship of Peter Nobel, Chairman of the Nobel Sustainability Trust. The organization’s goal is to promote nurture sustainable economic growth and stability by encouraging the adoption of digital currencies.

The inauguration ceremony represents the culmination of years of activity on the part of a pioneering global Central Bank Digital Currency research organization, the International Telecommunications Union Focus group headed by Dr. David Wen. Dr. Wen is the Director-General of the new CBDCCO.

The new initiative draws on experts from leading regulatory and financial organizations, including the European Security and Market Authority, the Federal Reserve, the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, China Merchant Bank, CBDC solution provider eCurrency, and technology experts from CBDC solution providers like eCurrency, and Modern Sustainable Solutions (MOSS), a leading carbon offset provider.

Dr. Bruno Wu, the President of CBDCCO and Director-General of the World Sustainability Standard Organization (WSSO), outlined a seven-part program in his keynote speech to the founding conference. Dr. Wu was the honoree of last year's Nobel Sustainability Trust award.

Under the theme “Star Bridge,” the CBDCCO program will work with central banks to develop digital technology, assist in the integration of digital financial infrastructure, promote accounting standards that corporate sustainability data in accounting standards, apply CBDC technology to Real World Asset Management, develop digital infrastructure for improved global carbon asset management, foster technical standards for a wide range of CBDC solutions, and provide innovative technology for regulatory oversight of sustainability products.

Peter Nobel, representing the Nobel Sustainability Trust, stressed the importance of embedding sustainability into the core of future economies. They stated, "Digital currencies present a unique opportunity to rebuild and reshape our financial systems with sustainability at their core." The Nobel Sustainability Trust, long active in the sustainability space, will provide expertise and support for the new organization.

The CBDCCO and the Nobel Sustainability Trust extended an invitation to other organizations and governments to join their endeavors in forging a sustainable and inclusive financial future.

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