About us

We encourage research, development, action and implementation of sustainable solutions

The Background of Nobel Sustainability Trust

NST is a Swiss foundation, established in 2007 by four members of the Nobel family. Formerly known as the Nobel Charitable Trust, its name was changed to the Nobel Sustainability Trust in 2011 so as to more accurately represent its role and activities. Its board of trustees today includes five members of the Nobel Family.

To promote the activities described above, NST encourages research, development, action and implementation of sustainable solutions. A key component will be the creation of Awards for Sustainability. These awards, given annually, will form an accolade for those who make outstanding contributions to sustainability. The winners will be presented with the awards at a dinner held in connection with a symposium, organised by NST, in major cities around the world.

NST, via its secretariat and main office in Switzerland and its representative offices in Sweden, Pakistan, Japan and Costa Rica, will assist in the selection of universities from various countries, which will collect the proposed projects and candidates. One of these will also be the Award Coordinating Entity (“ACE”), This entity, in consultation with NST, will select and maintain the list of sourcing universities. The ACE will create a committee, the Sustainability Award Committee, which will have final say in the selection of the award winners. This body will include members from various academic institutions. NST's different offices will plan and manage the annual conferences and related events. It will liaise with the media and organise and propose invitations for the award ceremonies.

Stringent efforts will be made to ensure that the NST Awards will be recognised, by all concerned, as being independent of the traditional Nobel Prizes and that no administrative or commercial relations exist between the Nobel Foundation and NST.

NST’s financial support will come from sovereign entities, family offices and corporations who support its agenda. A clear understanding of the origin of these funds is essential, so NST will work with licensed and registered entities, which are regulated by the financial authorities in their respective jurisdictions.

The Mission of the Nobel Sustainability Trustt

The members of the Nobel family, founders of the Nobel Sustainability Trust (“NST”) have, with great concern, been observing the devastation of the world’s vital, natural and non-renewable resources. This overconsumption has led to an increase in global temperatures and pollution of land, food, water and air. The founders believe that the economic and social health of civilisation will, to a large extent, depend on the availability of energy and a sustainable approach to agriculture, forestry, industrial manufacturing and water reclamation. This will require substantial intellectual and financial effort. It is the aim of NST to assist with this process. The objective of NST is to improve quality of life, which is, today, threatened by pollution, climate change and depletion of natural resources. Sufficient food, water, air and energy, in clean conditions, is essential to reaching this objective.

NST aims to contribute in the following areas:

  • Climate change with emphasis on reduction of global warming;
  • Advances in clean and renewable technologies and policies;
  • A pollution-free, life-sustaining environment;
  • Inspiration for present and future generations

The board

Michael Nobel

The chairman of NST, university professor Michael Nobel, PhD, participated in the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging as European vice president of Fonar Corp. From 1991 to 2007 he served as Executive Chairman of the MRAB Group, a company providing MRI services to Swedish hospitals. From 1991 to 2006 he was Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Board of the Nobel Family. He has been consultant to Unesco in Paris and the United Nations Social Affairs Division in Geneva. Michael Nobel is presently chairman or board member of six international companies in medical diagnostics, treatment and information and in five non-for-profit organizations.

He is appointed distinguished professor at the Advanced Research Institute of Natural Science and Technology at Osaka City University and as guest professor at the Seisa and Soka Universities in Japan. Michael Nobel has received twelve honorary doctorates and professorships from universities around the world and fourteen other types of awards for his work in medical innovation and conflict resolution as well as in other fields.

Peter Nobel

Peter Nobel co-founded the Swedish clean tech company HeatCore AB which operates in the energy efficiency sector. The company is developing and marketing a highly compact and efficient heat cell for applications in the global heating industry. Peter has a degree of Master of Science in Material Science and Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and a degree in business administration from Lund University.

He has a track record of over 25 years positioning companies for success and market share growth in various industrial markets. He possesses a long experience of holding executive positions in sales and marketing, R&D and manufacturing functions in global companies like Alfa Laval and SWEP International.

He has significant expertise in successfully navigating long sales cycles for industrial components for various global industry sectors and was instrumental for developing heat transfer products into an exponential growth resulting in a €500 million worldwide market.

Erik Nobel

Erik Nobel was born in Stockholm in 1979.

Academically he graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics with a master of science degree in business and economics, majoring in accounting and financial management in 2003.

He has a long and distinguished career in financial administration in several Nordic and international companies, notably as investment director in the Swedish 6th AP fund. Previously he worked for several years at JP Morgan and Erik Penser Fonder.

Erik Nobel is today managing director in Stockholm for Levine, Leichtman Capital Partners, an independent investment management firm with its head office in California.

Stephanie Nobel

Stephanie Nobel was born in Stockholm in 1987.

After graduating from senior high school in Stockholm she studied pedagogy at the University of Malmö. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in 2018.

Stephanie is presently working as a teacher at Tolvåkerskolan in Skåne

Johan Nobel

Johan Nobel has a long experience from all kinds of financial risks including the risks associated with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). He holds an MSc in Economics of Innovation and Growth from the Royal Institute of Technology and B.Sc. in Economics and Mathematics from Stockholm University.

Johan currently works at a Stockholm based Hedge Fund focusing in direct lending to midsized Nordic companies. Prior to that he has worked within Fixed Income, Insurance and latest as a deal manager at Swedish Export Credit Corporation, a state-owned company that finances Swedish exporters, their subsidiaries, and foreign customers.


James Burton

James is an expert in prize design and operations. He has advised organisations such as the World Bank, NASA, Coca Cola, Emerson Electric Co. and The Nigerian Ministry of Finance on structuring their own prizes and contributed to widely read books on the subject.

Previously he served as Chief of Staff to XPRIZE founder Peter Diamandis and as head of prize development at HeroX. James holds an MSc and MBA from the University of Oxford, where he was a Pershing Square Scholar.

Kristian Vangsgaard

Global Brand ambassador

Kristian Vangsgaard is the Global Brand Ambassador for the Nobel Sustainability Trust. He is deeply committed to building awareness and support for NST among citizens, businesses and governing bodies worldwide. He is a key-player in establishing public-private partnerships, building global network with academia and diplomacy as well as identifying and supporting innovative and extraordinary projects and ideas within sustainability.

He has a background of more than 20 years in entrepreneurship, brand development and in the automobile and food & beverages industry. In his very versatile international career, he came to realize that immediate action is needed on all levels in order to hand over a more balanced planet to the generations to come.

Since joining NST in 2017, Kristian Vangsgaard has taken the lead on establishing the NST Award as an international event. Working closely with various governments and their respective collaborative financial institutions - hence engaging all strategic partners - the aim is to make the NST Awards an event in a worldwide setting within the next decade.

Several crucial initiatives need action here and now. NST has a priority to connect closer with citizens, businesses and organizations on global and local level. Kristian Vangsgaard heads initiatives that will modernize NST and develop its more commercial activities e.g. social networks, learning platforms and mastermind event for experts and innovators within diverse fields of sustainability.

Kevin Lee

CEO of NST Media

Kevin Lee is a world-class music educator, cellist & famous Hollywood producer, art director of Hollywood News, the member of World Film Review Board of U.S. Hollywood News and the art director of China Show, Lincoln Center, New York. Currently, he is the international art director of “Journey to the West”, a large-scale Chinese show at Macao Sands Hotel.

Kevin Lee studied at the Curtis School of Music and the Juilliard School in the United States. In 1988, he won the Alexander Zilpin Music Award and the New York Golden Disc Award. Later, he taught at Harvard University. In 1989, he co-founded the China Elite Orchestra with the violinist Weixin Xu in New York. In 2001, Lee Children Virtuoso Org was successfully founded by him. In 2004,he received the U.S.-China Cultural Envoy Award from the U.S. government, becoming the first Chinese in the world to receive the award. In 2008, his two music albums "Listen to China" and "Fantasy 2008" got released for the Beijing Olympic Games and won the RIAA Gold Disc Award. In 2014, he served as the executive producer of the documentary "The Lady in Number 6- Music saved me” which won the 86th Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Film. In the same year, he served as the co-chairman of the Hollywood International Film Festival Alliance. He founded the international film festival brand “Hollywood Express” in 2015 and “World Film Technology Festival” in 2017. Because of this, he got “The Presidential Award for Global Star Diamond” from the National Academy of Sciences in 2018.

Kevin Lee is currently the Chairman of the Sino-US Cultural Exchange Council, US-China Cultural Exchange Ambassador, U.S. Government Award Laureate, CEO of NST Media for the Nobel NST Sustainable Development Fund. He is also the President of the NST Foundation China Association and nominee for the Nobel NST Prize.

Mr. Maqsood Ahmad Naz

Ambassador – Pakistan & UAE, Houston-Texas

Maqsood Ahmad Naz is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, with more than 30 years of industrial experience, Mr. Naz is serving Pakistan’s Textile, Power Generation and Water Treatment sectors through his Organisation of Olympia International. He has served as the Senior Vice Chairman for Federation of Pakistan, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Central Standing Committee for Textiles (2016-18) and is currently serving as its Convener for Water Recycling.

Mr. Naz is also the President and Founder of the Shelter and Care Foundation for the disabled and handicapped. The foundation aims to assist the underprivileged of the local society to obtain medical treatment and the professional skills to be self-sufficient.

He has developed international business operations based primarily in Pakistan, UAE and USA and has encouraged bilateral trade between Pakistan and USA through the platform of the US-PAK Business Development Gateway. His appointment as the Ambassador of Nobel Sustainability Trust (NST) for Pakistan, UAE and Houston-Texas chapters, shows the organisation's and his commitment to align global industry with the NST's goals and values.

The three nations are intended to become major operational centers for the promotion of renewable technologies and policies, life-sustaining clean environments, thereby providing inspiration and protection to present and future generations.